Aici puteti achizitiona cateva din cartile, cd-urile care cuprind metode, tehnici de meditatie pe care facilitatorii cu care colaboram le-au dezvoltat. Acestea sunte rezultatul experientelor lor personale  si a anilor de experienta in munca cu alte persoane.

Speram ca acest resurse sa va sustina calatoria interioara si sa va ofere sprijin si inspiratie.

Momentan acestea sunt disponibile doar in limba engleza si pot fi comandate prin email la events@zorbabuddha.ro


The Power of Breath – Devapath

In the principal spiritual traditions such as Yoga, Tantra, Tao or Zen, conscious breathing is the key for wellbeing and spiritual fulfilment – the key to enjoying life. Sadly, in our Western stress-dominated world, we have lost our breath and ourselves; we have lost our potential to be healthy, loving and joyful beings. This book is the result of Devapath having been a physician and a spiritual therapist for over thirty years. Devapath has a unique way to open our eyes so that we can experience the immensely rich world of breathing. He shows us how it influences all areas of our life and how it can help us to improve the quality of our love and life affairs. In ten chapters he guides us along an exciting journey, where we learn how deep breathing helps us to make friends with our body, to release stress and to keep us young. We learn how it improves our sex life and heals our relationships. We become aware of how it can relax our mind, balance our emotions and help us to open our heart to discover our inner beauty.

Despre Devapath mai multe puteti citi AICI


Learning Love  – Krishnananda si Amana

Cd-uri cu meditatii dezvoltate de acestia care sa va sustina in munca cu vindecarea experientelor dureroase din trecut (rusine, frica de abandon, de sufocare, soc) dar si sa va deschida spre exprimarea fiintei voastre.


Living Your Vision

This guided meditation takes you on a journey toward fulfillment and flowering of your love relationships, creativity and sense of purpose in life.

It is designed to inspire and guide you to become more clear and more centered in attaining these goals.

Each of us has a unique expression of our creativity and a natural flowering of deep love and intimacy. Our inner truth shows us the way to realize both. All that is needed is tuning in and developing a clear focus.

The journey starts with clarity of intention and becoming aware of certain specific tests that we will encounter along the way.

Krishnananda and Amana guide you toward developing clear intention and how to face and overcome the tests you will meet.

The meditation is accompanied by the beautiful music of Parijat that you can listen to by itself on the second track as a beautiful experience of going in and doing the journey after having done it with the words for a while.

Track 1: The Meditation

Track 2: Music by Parijat


Letting Go / Opening To Vulnerability

by Krish and Amana.

This CD contains two 30 minute transformational guided meditations.

The first, “Letting Go”, guides us into a space where there might be pain in the heart and takes us to a point of deep relaxation and surrender.

The second, “Opening to Vulnerability”, guides us into a precious inner space of deep sensitivity and openness which often gets shut down by the stresses of everyday life and the hurts from the past.


Healing Shame and Shock

Each meditation lasts 30 minutes and addresses two deep wounds in our psyche – the wounds of shame and shock. The meditations are subtle transmissions for healing these wounds through love and acceptance.

1. Healing Shame and Awakening Your Life Energy:

This meditation guides you to examine a situation in your life which provokes shame and insecurity. In the course of the meditation, you are guided to experience the shame with the quality of acceptance and spaceousness and to develop the seeds to come out of shame and re-awaken your life energy.

2. Healing Shock and Embracing Your Sensitivity:

This meditation guides you to explore a situation in your life which provokes fear. You are guided to bring your loving awareness to the fear and shock which you experience and slowly to bring your love and consciousness to this situation.


Coming Alive / Inner Space

by Krish and Amana.

This CD contains two meditations:

The first is: Coming Alive

This is a 26 minute guided dance meditation.

It is a journey into discovering the joy of movement and is designed to help you bring awareness to your body, awaken your life energy and open the natural playfulness and joy inside

The second is: Inner Space

Inner spaciousness is the experience of stillness and silence that arises spontaneously when we take the time to go in. It is a profound space of inner wisdom and tranquility which, when we cultivate it, begins to affect all aspects of our daily life. In this meditation, Krishna nanda and Amana guide you into the deep relaxation of resting in inner space.




Yes – A Practical Guide to Loving Your Life

Book with CD inside

Anando’s book ‘YES’, published by URRA, Italy (La Forza del SI), is also now available in English (to order click here) and in Chinese (both Taiwan and mainland China).

Her guided relaxation CD ‘Watching the Mind’ is available from iTunes and CD Baby. You can also read about it, hear a sample, or purchase the mp3 here. In Europe it is titled ‘The Inner Sky’ and is available from Osho Publikaties or you can contact Lifetrainings directly.


Healing the Inner Child CD

by Anando

We all have old wounds, buried deep in our unconscious. They are the wounds created when as a child we learned that we were not good enough as we are, that we had to be better or try harder to be loved and accepted and respected.

Taking care of your own child needs for respect and love gives you the opportunity to see that those old unconscious and painful beliefs are no longer relevant in your life today. That will in turn allow you to move on and see how it is to live life from a different perspective.